“Howard Lipson and his team of professionals were engaged to recruit a highly targeted and specialized senior level candidate, who as President of one of our divisions, would be responsible for not only managing the P&L delivery of the unit, but more importantly, work as the inspirational leader of a diverse group of individuals, with the mandate of transforming them into a team. This sizable task would require a special individual with a unique blend of both financial/operational management capabilities, as well as solid strategic planning and visioning competencies, all wrapped up in a true motivational leadership style.

“In short, Lipson & Co. over delivered on this ambitious task…the difficulty was ours in attempting to shortlist from so many interesting and capable prospects.

“I would summarize Lipson & Co.’s key strengths and points of difference from other executives search firms I have worked with as follows:

  1. Taking the time to understand your business and business needs, in order to provide context for your search;

  2. Depth and breadth of the candidate pool brought to bear on your search;

  3. High level of ownership to your search – tenacious in their pursuit of the right candidate;

  4. Attention to detail and a high level of professionalism in representing your company in the market, and delivering a lasting impression with all contacts/candidates;

  5. Overall, high level of commitment to delivery.”

“Needless to say, we met our timeline, and have over-delivered on the quality and caliber of our new President. I have no hesitations in recommending Lipson & Co. to any company engaged in senior executive search, and would be happy to review in greater detail any area of our experience with them at your request.”

Chief Marketing Officer
International Entertainment Conglomerate

"The fact that we have been able to triple our turnover and double profitability is certainly due, in no small part, to the efforts you have extended on our behalf in helping to locate and recruit premiere executive talent on a global basis.

"In my experience, it is quite unusual to find an individual who is as well versed in the nuances of development, production, and distribution as you have proven to be. When this is coupled with your unique ability to appreciate the specific cultural needs of a client, the results are unbeatable.

"The effort and care with which you pursue reference checks was extremely helpful to me. Even more important was the general business guidance you were able to furnish because of your ability to understand the business we are in and our overall strategic growth plan."

Chairman, Television Division
International Broadcaster, Producer and Distributor of Film/TV Entertainment

"It was a great pleasure to work with someone who is not only a good listener, a master at spotting and tracking talent, but who delivered a candidate so right for the position in such a short period of time.

"The search went very well not only because of your extensive network and impeccable follow-up, but also because you listened intently to what our organizational, ethical and business goals were."

Group Vice President
International Products & Television Sales

"Non-Profit" Educational Organization
Helping children reach their highest creative potential

"You managed to find the most suitable candidates in each country. (Your) ability to find the right types of creative and business people in such a wide variety of situations and cultures is most impressive. We never found any other executive search firms who could perform with this brief.

"You managed to set up a dozen interviews for me to interview on my first trip to Tokyo - on three weeks' notice.

"This kind of responsiveness and on-target networking in cultures all around the world...your professionalism and attention to detail is hard to find and much appreciated."

Broadband and Internet Services
Worldwide Leader in Personal & Business Computing

"The quality of the candidates presented during this search, combined with his thorough approach to researching their backgrounds, was extraordinary. The ability to grasp the subtleties of the profession, source candidates and represent our company attractively to the candidates, demonstrated that he was an extremely valuable resource. The final proof of my absolute confidence in his abilities was the eventual placement of over 20 key staff with my organization through Lipson & Co."

Senior VP of Worldwide IT."
Entertainment Conglomerate

"You were flexible and committed to work with us to fine tune the job descriptions and qualifications needed.

"You were also very instrumental in helping us understand the context or environment around people's positions (in) the industry. Sometimes this is just as important as knowing the qualifications of the individual that you are considering. Your staff is extremely professional, responsive and knowledgeable.

"I do not think you would have slept until that job was filled."

Recruiting Manager
World's Largest Software Company

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